What is your biggest desire for your life?

My Story

This is me and my Mum exactly 20 years ago. The reason I’m sharing this is because Mum has been my Possibility Coach from the beginning!

At 17 Mum planted the seed that life could be on my terms; that there was a life full of possibility just waiting to be explored “the world is your oyster” she explained. And so it began my quest to explore new countries, new companies, new people all the while battling to prove my self worth to others instead of proving it to myself.

Challenge was my middle name and I’ve worn many hats Bilingual Secretary/Paris, Advertising/Dublin, Air Hostess/Saudi Arabia & London, Marketing Manager/New York, Fundraising Manager/Dublin & much much more while doing bungees, abseiling, jiu jitsu, yoga, pilates, marathons, acting, singing, guitar, volunteering and my biggest achievement raising my beautiful family. Least I forget my love of learning to raise my standards and push my limits (I’ll spare you the list of courses it’s just as long) all in the hope of finding that one thing; my purpose!

Along this journey of life, like you, I’ve had my highs, lows, burnout, not coping, wondering what if…yes what if…life could be different…designed by me…opening up to the possibility of something new!

My Possibility Coach turned 83 this year and she continues to be my inspiration!


People ask me all the time, what is coaching? 

Coaching transforms lives by creating a space for you to speak your truth about the deepest fears and the deepest desires in your life.  The desires we’re sometimes afraid to say out loud for sounding ridiculous. The fears that keep us trapped.  This coaching space opens you up to the world of possibilities around you to help you create the life you want! 


Jane Leavy

Do you embrace all that you are?  Do you share your struggles?  What if I asked you to fast forward 3 years from now, what would you like to see happen in your life?  What will you say “no” to?  And most importantly what will you say “100% Yes” to?  

Let’s explore these questions together!

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